A Selective Guide to the Arts in Los Angeles

Image courtesy Rebel Babel Ensemble.

In partnership with the New Orleans Jazz Museum, Rebel Babel Ensemble has created Dialog 3, a globetrotting video capturing performances by famous beat makers and jazz musicians in Europe and the United States remixing the music of award-winning Polish composers from the interwar period (1918 and 1939).

Rebel Babel Ensemble, a global brass band orchestra led by Founder and Conductor Łukasz (aka L.U.C.) Rostkowski, boasts 11,000 international members. Together with New Orleans Jazz Museum, and co-produced with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, they brought together over a dozen producers, DJs and musicians, including DJ Qbert, Alex Hahn, Matthew Ring, Tomas Wischerath (Habitaat), Chase Huna, DJ Eprom, ES.CE, Adam Theis, Kevin Louis, Alf Alpha, DJ Decks, Mateusz Pospieszalski, Estefania Tapia, Geoffrey McManus and L.U.C. as conductor. Beautifully captured in each of the musicians’ local environments, the traveling concert touched down in different parts of the world, including New Orleans, San Francisco, Big Sur, Coachella Valley, and LA.

L.U.C. explains, “With our international concerts, we want to remind people that humanity is one orchestra that plays together in a small, lonely philharmonic hall, which is the Earth. One Planet, One Love, One Ensemble.”

Rebel Babel and New Orleans Jazz Museum premiered the full-length video on their YouTube channels on Dec. 20.