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With that catch phrase from The Princess Bride out of the way, let’s consider the life’s work (so far) of Wallace Shawn, a native New Yorker with a big-screen background, a small library of plays to his name (and an Obie award), a 2009 collection of essays (now out in paperback), and a political inclination rarely so articulate in a world of star-powered political involvement.  His film work ranges from Woody Allen’s direction to the entrancing dialogue of My Dinner With Andre, from the sneaky plotting of a Princess Bride bad-guy to the guileless voice acting of toy dino Rex in the Toy Story franchise.  Shawn’s plays garner praise and discourse alike from the worlds of art and politics.  His collected essays have been well received academically and popularly.

Wallace Shawn

On Saturday, Jan. 22, UCLA Live will be hosting “Real World, Fake World, Dream World.”  The evening lecture from Shawn will be held at Royce Hall at 8 p.m., part of the performance season’s written word events.  Readings and discussions of his own works and those he admires will be followed by a Q&A and signing.

Culture Spot LA is happy to announce a ticket giveaway!  To be entered in a drawing for a pair of tickets to  “Real World, Fake World, Dream World,” send an email to editor@culturespotla.com with the Real Reason you’d like to attend.  (Every reason will be entered, but good karma for honest answers.)  A winner will be selected at random from the entries received by Wednesday, Jan. 19, at noon.  This writer is looking forward to closing her eyes and hearing Rex the timid toy dinosaur wax political.