A Selective Guide to the Arts in Los Angeles

SCRAP, a new documentary from award-winning producer and director Stacey Tenenbaum, will screen on Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 28 and 29, 2022, at three Laemmle locations: Claremont, Glendale and West LA.

The film focuses on artists around the world who are transforming scrap or are working with it in other ways, employing their creativity to help solve environmental problems. For example, sculptor John Lopez uses old farm equipment to make huge sculptures of bison and animals that used to roam the Plains where he lives; architect Tchely Shin makes buildings out of old ships, like the discarded ocean liner he turned into an art installation that is now a cafe located in Stork-myeon, Korea.

From Canadian director Stacey Tenenbaum, SCRAP is a serious condemnation of waste made heart-wrenching and urgent by awakening people to the beauty of things that have lived and aged. Together these stories convey a deeper environmental and human message about our relationship to things, the sadness we feel at their eventual loss, and the joy that we can find in giving them a new purpose.