A Selective Guide to the Arts in Los Angeles

Do you know a high school performer or visual artist who wants to Step Into the Spotlight?

Now in its 25th year, The Music Center Spotlight program is so much more than a competition. Spotlight is a nationally acclaimed scholarship and arts-training program for high school students in the performing and visual arts. It’s free to apply, and all talent levels are encouraged.

In addition, The Music Center is offering a one-day, free performing arts workshop at The Music Center on Sunday, Sept. 30, for all high school students, parents and teachers to come hear arts professionals, collegecircuit.net counselors and USC faculty talk about applying to college, music conservatories, getting a dance agent, developing artistry and much more.

The Music Center Spotlight program provides high school students an opportunity to stretch themselves by learning about audition skills, exploring artistry and developing self-confidence; all in a safe and nurturing environment.  It’s free, it’s easy, and, most importantly, it’s fun! Each year, Spotlight awards more than $100,000 to students in scholarships.

Each performing arts student comes to a live private audition and receives detailed written feedback which they can share with their teachers and parents.  The judges are arts professionals and university faculty members who are nurturing and supportive.

The Music Center works with Performing Arts students on:

How to walk into an audition room and present yourself
Developing self-confidence
Developing artistry
How to deal with nerves
What to do after you leave an audition or interview
Learning to cultivate self-discerning skills

For those students who advance to semi-finals, there are individual and group master classes. All students can attend the group master classes, whether or not they advance to higher levels.

In the Visual Arts categories, young artists and photographers have their worked reviewed by a panel of professional artists and photographers. These outstanding artists review all the student submissions. The works of all the semifinalists are shown at a special awards reception in a prominent Southern California gallery. All applicants are offered private museum tours and special art workshops conducted by noted professionals.

The Performing Arts categories are ballet, non-classical dance, classical voice, non-classical voice, classical instrumental music and jazz instrumental music. The Visual Arts categories include two-dimensional art and photography.

You must RSVP at spotlight@musiccenter.org for a spot in the Sept. 30 event, and The Music Center will send you a schedule of classes to choose from. High school students of all levels of prior training are welcome to attend, whether or not they plan to audition in the Spotlight program. Deadline for applying for the Spotlight program is Oct. 17 for Performing Arts and Dec. 1 for Visual Arts. Learn more at www.musiccenter.org/spotlight.